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Send an announcement to your Teams Breakout Rooms

As we start to get used to using the new, and fantastic Teams Meeting Rooms, there are some hidden gems available to meeting organisers.

One feature is the ability to send an Announcement to the Breakout Rooms in your Teams meeting.

When your Breakout Rooms are open, you can click on ‘More options’ (…) at the top of the Breakout rooms panel.

From the pop-out menu, you have the option to ‘Make an announcement’:

In the ‘Announcement’ dialog box you can type in your message and click on ‘Send’:

All the breakout rooms will be sent the message which appears in chat. Just like a regular Teams meeting, a notification is shown next to the Chat icon in the Teams meeting toolbar:

When participants click on this, the meeting chat panel opens and the announcement is displayed flagged as Important

Meeting chat is available in a Breakout room just like in a regular Teams meeting.

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New Teams meeting pre-join experience

The new Teams meeting pre-join experience is now live for most of us.

Microsoft have redesigned the pre-join screen to make it easier to set up your audio and video hardware before joining your meeting:

You can still see your camera in the preview window and set a background filter or turn it off.

You can join with your computer’s audio, dial-in or let Teams call you to use your phone as the audio or if you’re meeting in a room with a Teams Meeting System then use that for your audio.

Finally, you can join muted if you’re running late and enable audio once you’re in.

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Meeting Options rolling out in Teams Meetings

I woke up this morning to the new Meeting Options which are available in the Teams meeting window:

Meeting Options were previously available through a webpage (and they still are so you can change them before or during a meeting but now it’s so easy to change them on the fly).

I needed this yesterday when an attendee who was a presenter kept turning Spotlight on. 🙈