Let’s talk about Slack

Slack made real-time messaging, file sharing, and working collaboratively cool. Sure, before Slack we had Skype and of course email but when Slack arrived, working collaboratively became easy, and cool!

Now, let’s just pause here. Yes, I know this is a Microsoft blog but I think it’s important to consider different options. Microsoft’s answer to Slack is of course Teams. Teams and Slack are similar in many ways but where Slack and Teams differ may be one of Slack’s advantages – it’s for group messaging, direct messages, sharing files, and speaking with people either by video or audio. Teams, on the other hand, is becoming (if it isn’t already), the digital hub of Microsoft 365. Heck, there’s even talk of Teams being integrated into Windows itself.

In other words, access everything and do everything, all in Teams.

This doesn’t mean that Slack is just messaging and file sharing. Slack integrates with many third-party apps (including Microsoft 365) and over the next few posts, I’ll be examining Slack in more detail, from setting it up to getting the most from it.

By David

A technical trainer with experience in delivering training on Windows Server and Client operating systems as well as Microsoft 365 including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Forms and all the other cool stuff available for businesses or at home.

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