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Meeting Options rolling out in Teams Meetings

I woke up this morning to the new Meeting Options which are available in the Teams meeting window:

Meeting Options were previously available through a webpage (and they still are so you can change them before or during a meeting but now it’s so easy to change them on the fly).

I needed this yesterday when an attendee who was a presenter kept turning Spotlight on. 🙈

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Tasks in Teams is go!

Making it easier for you to complete your daily tasks is a challenge Microsoft is rising to and last year they announced Tasks in Teams – replacing the Microsoft Planner app with a unifying one that brings together tasks you’ve been assigned in Planner, your own tasks in To Do (or is it To-Do?) and your Outlook tasks.

Well starting this week, Tasks is now rolling out across Microsoft 365 and available in Teams.

If not right now, in the next few weeks you’ll see the new Tasks app in place of the Planner app, although you still open Tasks through the Planner tile in the left-rail of Teams:

Tasks brings together your lists from Microsoft To Do, including your custom lists, and plans which you’re a part of in Microsoft Planner itself. Tasks isn’t replacing Planner and To Do but provides you with a unified view of your tasks from these two apps.

What are your thoughts on Tasks? Let us know in the comments.

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I am really interested in how these modern tools help people communicate and collaborate in new, modern, ways.

I’m always sharing information with the people who I work with and I thought I would start sharing them on my own very own blog, written by me.

I’m only just setting this up now so over the next few days there’ll be more content added.

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